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Terms of Use

To protect both readers and contributors, the following policies govern the site. Policies may change at any time without notice, so be sure to review them and be aware of the terms of use prior to posting or contributing. For questions, suggestions, or other feedback regarding the current policies, please use the form provided on the Contact page.

These policies have been defined to ensure everyone viewing or contributing to Angela’s website knows what to expect, complies with the law, and above all, enjoys the site.


Content copyright of this site is held by Angela McCallister. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Angela is prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Angela with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


Though no owner or author on this site is paid in any way, shape or form to mention, endorse, promote, or otherwise advertise any company or organization, Angela McCallister is an independent author and may mention publishing companies, authors, services, or places relevant to her experiences. No monetary compensation or equivalent is paid for any blog content from any organizations, websites, or products mentioned. If in the future, Angela does receive compensation, such promotion of items or organizations will be disclosed.


Everyone values privacy and security, so Angela maintains a high level of privacy for users. No personal data is specifically collected by Angela. However, WordPress does collect non-personally identifying data for the purpose of website analytics. Your IP address, general location, language preference, browser and operating system, referring site, date and times of user requests are examples of data used for analytic purposes.

Cookies may be used by WordPress. You may elect to block cookies. However, doing so may prevent some functions of and interactions with the website.

Personal information provided by users that may be publicly displayed include user-provided data:

  • public display name,
  • Gravatar image,
  • information on the Gravatar Hovercard or users’ public WordPress profile,
  • user comments on the site,
  • date and time of comments, and
  • link to the user’s WordPress site.

Personally-identifying data is only used when submitted to Angela’s website by users to register for the site, comment on the site, or submit via the contact form. Use of the data extends only to fulfilling the visitor’s purpose in providing the information. No information is disclosed outside of the conditions outlined in the WordPress Privacy Policy.


Comments are very welcome on Angela’s website, and no negativity is expected to arise. However, the following terms and conditions apply to any users who choose to post comments on the site.

  • Content is intended for general audiences and, as such, contains language that is suitable for all ages. User comments are expected to maintain the same level of suitability for all ages.
  • Comment content is owned by the user posting publicly, and users agree to be responsible for comments made and any consequences thereof.
  • Angela has no ownership of content posted by users; however, by posting to this website, users grant non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to publish and reproduce such content.
  • Angela discourages the posting of personal information in comments such as addresses, phone numbers, etc., and reserves the right to modify comments to remove personal content provided beyond that contained in the public profile.
  • Comments can sometimes be hurtful and/or offensive. User comments may not slander, harass, abuse, or otherwise make personal attacks. Comments that are deemed vulgar, offensive, abusive, or unsuitable for general audiences are subject to modification or deletion by a moderator. Users who violate these terms may be blocked from posting or contributing to Angela’s website at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Angela reserves the right to refuse to accept, post, or otherwise display content submitted by users.

Contributors to the blog may be featured from time to time. Contributions to the site content will be relevant to the website and are volunteered and not compensated. Contributors are expected to conform to the same requirements as Angela in regard to accessibility, intellectual property, disclosure, and any other state or federal laws.

In addition, contributors consent to the following guidelines:

  • Promotional links will primarily be limited to the contributing author bio rather than within the post content.
  • Content length should range between 500-1000 words. Any lengths outside of this range will be negotiated with the site owner.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be clean and accurate. Angela will edit for minor typos and formatting to fit the website structure.
  • Posts by contributors must be original content unless otherwise arranged with the site owner to reblog. Reblogs will be annotated as previously published.
  • Posts with images or links may be edited to aid web accessibility. Angela will make every effort to maintain the content as presented by the contributor.